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7/20/09 5:36:40PM
Bosses at Knowsley Safari Park are warning motorists to beware of the baboons, after the animals learned how to open rooftop luggage and began stealing items such as underwear after helping themselves to the contents.

The monkeys - who are known for tearing off the odd windscreen wiper or wing mirror - have been causing havoc at the park after learning how to crack open the rooftop luggage boxes of visitors passing through their jungle enclosure.

Dozens have been targeting cars carrying the boxes before pouncing and leaving the unsuspecting families to watch helplessly as the monkeys tear open their cases and scamper off with their clothes and underwear.

“Their technique involves the largest baboons jumping up and down on the box, flexing it until the lock bursts open, when the rest of the baboons pile in to see what they can find.

7/20/09 6:31:09PM
I wonder what happens if you run over 20 Baboons cause I like my undies Baboon free
7/20/09 7:08:16PM
If i had a nickel for everytime Baboons stole my luggage...
7/20/09 7:27:12PM

Posted by hippysmacker

If i had a nickel for everytime Baboons stole my luggage...

tee hee hee
7/21/09 12:01:18AM
The drivers face is priceless. That is too much!!
7/21/09 1:34:14AM
Which do u prefer? Baboon in a thong or granny panties?
7/22/09 5:56:54PM
I wonder if they know how to do laundry?Some peoples underwear they steal they might get a whiff of and put it back.
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