'Babalu' Sobral Frustrated With Lack of Fights in Strikeforce

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5/24/10 7:39:20PM
The 34-year-old talked about replacing Jason "Mayhem" Miller against Lawler and working on improving his game after his loss to Gegard Mousasi last August. "Babalu" also expressed frustration with the fact that he has been ready to return to action since December, but has been unable to secure a fight with Strikeforce on Showtime.
Another interesting bit of information revealed was that he is considering this as the possible beginning of a permenant move to Middle Weight, a division that I think he should have moved to long ago.
5/24/10 8:39:15PM
I'd like to see Babalu at MW.
5/24/10 10:35:08PM
Without reading my response is so is everyone else maybe you should have thought about that before you decided to hold that choke too long. Hows that taste now?
5/24/10 10:49:02PM
Wait, what?
5/24/10 11:53:52PM
During his last UFC appearance against David Heath he choked Heath unconcious despite Heath's tapping and despite referee interferance. He is still one of my fav fighters though....
5/25/10 4:18:56PM
I wonder if the cut would be difficult for him?
5/25/10 8:30:18PM
I dont think the cut would be too hard for him. He is a bit "soft" around the middle. He has the skills and the killer instinct to be great! Too bad Dana banished him!! Maybe he should look to other orgs for fights between SF fights!!?? i dont think their contracts are exclusive?
5/26/10 12:03:36AM
I knew about the Heath Herring thing. I just can't understand postman's post
5/26/10 11:51:04AM
I would like to see one more run in the UFC for Babalu...I think he could do some damage!
5/28/10 6:35:10PM
If he can effectively take strikers like lawler down and submit them he will do well in the strikeforce middleweight division. He could easily sub lawler, radach, scott smith, and cung le. Great middleweight fights for babalu would be against nick diaz, jacare, dan henderson, jake shields and mayhem. Dont forget babalu's subbed chael sonnen like 3 times. Strikeforce's MW division is stacked.
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