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7/16/07 6:41:26PM said UFC Lightweight Fighter Renato “Babalu” Sobral was arrested early Saturday morning for allegedly spiting on a bouncer at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa Florida. Not much is known about the incident, except that he was released later that day, on a $1000 bond. Babalu was in Florida attending a WFC event at the Florida State Fairgrounds, before the incident.

Babalu, The Brazilian born fighter now living in California, is coming off a two fight loosing streak to Jason Lambert and Chuck Liddell. He is expected to fight next month at UFC 74 Respect against David Heath on August 25.
7/16/07 6:51:08PM
This has already been reported twice before this. You mind looking before you post?
7/16/07 7:29:38PM
Wow. Guess you dont ever read the rules, as you are the same guy that keeps doing this repeatedly.
7/16/07 8:29:36PM
Wow this is new news to me, i'm, ya this has been covered before.
7/17/07 10:24:45AM
Hope he looses again and again.
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