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7/24/08 4:05:16AM
One of the more interesting comments to come from the recent Affliction show was from Renato “Babalu” Sobral. Babalu made it very clear who he wants to fight next.

I told Tom Atencio who the one guy I want him to sign is,” said Sobral, “Tito Ortiz is my dream fight.”

A potential Sobral vs. Ortiz would be a big one for Affliction - mainly because it would mean they have Ortiz under contract. It would also have a lot of appeal to the casual fan because Babalu is a name most people are familiar with from his fights with Chuck Liddell. Affliction could position the winner as its first light heavyweight champion.

7/24/08 8:51:00AM
No love for Lig Nog?

I kinda like the idea of lower promotions focusing on two weight classes. Eventually I think Elite should combine with Affliction and have it so-
WEC- showcases Batum and Featherweights
Elite XC- showcases Welter and Middleweights
Affliction- showcases Lightheavy and Heavyweights

If this set up happened and they only had titles for these divisions, a lower promotion would be x10 more interesting as a contender match could be on the same card as the a championship fight.

Kinda like what we saw with Fedor/Sylvia and AA/ Rothwell. Small roster but an effective one
7/24/08 9:29:33AM
Affliction really should just focus on the HW division, it's the only division that the UFC don't have all the best fighters in and Affliction's biggest angle for success.
7/24/08 11:17:45AM
Dream arguably has the best lightweights.
7/24/08 11:17:53AM
that would be a good fight might intrigue tito to sign knowing he would get a title shot or he could still go back to the ufc
7/24/08 11:52:50AM
this is my dream fight i hope it happens.
7/24/08 12:39:55PM
babalu/ortiz would be great. i'd pay for that one.
7/24/08 4:12:12PM
i like tito in this fight if and when>>>>
7/24/08 4:14:53PM
I gotta give this one to Babalu. I've got a feeling he'd at least give Ortiz a hell of a fight.
7/25/08 1:29:04AM
No thoughts. I think babalu is better in all facets and Tito's skills have detiorated BUT you have to SEE IT in the fight game. ;)
7/25/08 11:24:08AM
I'm really not sure if i see Tito getting as pumped up in another league as he did in the UFC....

Maybe he slacks off and Babalu takes it....

wouldn't be what i want but in the end not a bad thing
7/25/08 1:58:49PM
I think the fight would be very competitive... Lil' Nog could get the winner.
7/25/08 2:19:01PM
Gotta go with Babalu all the way. Rnd 2 sub.

7/25/08 2:32:23PM
I think I would take Tito on this one. He has more to prove right now and I feel he could take Babalu down at will and control him to a GNP victory. Just like the old days.

Would be a good fight though.
7/25/08 2:44:37PM
I like the fight, but I'd take Lil Nog over either one of them.
7/25/08 11:49:59PM
this would be a great fight for Affliction to put on. It has th pull between Tito and Babalu to be a Co-headliner. Would be a great wrestling match with some brutal GnP by Tito. Tito via TKO in the 3rd
7/26/08 11:22:07AM
Tito doesn't need the UFC to promote him. He was VERY VERY good at marketing himself and promoting his "name brand" of Tito here in California. The UFC benefited greatly from him. But, what he hasn't had lately is wins. If he gets those again. He has a very strong fanbase but they are hungering for a win right now. Right now they are like Dodger fans---they are loyal but haven't seen any wins since the 80's.
7/26/08 11:30:04AM
Babalu: “I’ll ****” Tito Ortiz

Renato “Babalu” Sobral started perfectly at Affliction event. Dominating Mike Whitehead and winning by unanimous decision, Babalu spoke to TATAME after his fight and commented the event debut and the support of the crowd. “It was pretty cool, I had the crowd supporting me all the time, people here are really fans. Josh (Barnett) fought well too and won, people of my team are very happy and now we’ll drink everything to celebrate (laughs)”, jokes Babalu, that said who he wants to face on his next Affliction fight. “I want Tito Ortiz. I’m going after that motherfukker, I’ll **** him (laughs)… But let them (Affliction) sign with him first”, told Babalu.

Found this on Tatame...

7/26/08 1:29:04PM
They winner gets Jenna ...........
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