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6/28/08 10:22:53AM
Renato "Babalu" had two fights called off this year. At last he is going to fight at Affliction: "Banned" Jul 6th. He hasn't fought since his last victory over Rodney Faverus. The new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt will face Mike Whitehead.

Babalu is training in Gracie Barra, California, and at Josh Barnett Team. sat down and talked with the Brazilian fighter:

6/28/08 2:48:53PM
Whitehead is going to mop the Honda Center with this guy. War Whitehead!!!!
6/28/08 3:35:04PM
IFL fan Nightmare? ;)

Me 2. I picked Babalu to win this one because Mike just hasn't beaten an opponent on the level with Babalu before his biggest wins are over the MMA legend Mark Kerr (who showed up to the fight fat, and gassed 3seconds into round 1) and Ben Rothwell back in 02. Mike is a tough tough bastard and he definately can win this, but I'm betting he wont.
6/28/08 3:59:27PM
Im a huge Bablu fan but I had a tough time picking this fight, I took Babalu though because he has beaten some great fighters, as where Whitehed hasnt really faced the competion, that Bablu has
6/28/08 4:02:17PM
Babalu has been in the ring with EVERYBODY. It's hard to EVER pick against Babalu, but he proved in the fight against Jason Lambert that anything can and will happen. And IMO Whitehead is WAY tougher than Lambert. This'ns gonna be a barn burner.
6/28/08 9:52:39PM
Babalu is going to tap this guy as quick as a rabbit fu(*$!!!!
6/29/08 1:13:01AM
I like Babalu's style and attitude as a fighter, but I dont understand his game plan sometime. Take a look at his 2nd fight with Chuck. He got excited or something and decided to go after one of the best counter strikers in the game.

That was the worst (read: dummest) thing he could have possible done in that fight, which could have been a decent fight were it not for him falling into "attack" mode so quickly.

Aside from crappy game plans, I cannot see Mike Whitehead beating him, not quickcly anyway. babalu is too experienced for this guy. Babalu wins via submission in round 1.
6/29/08 4:37:21AM

I had money on him for that fight (real $) then I saw his pre fight interview talking about how he thought Chuck was going to be surprised because he's been training up his hands and I knew right then that I had lost my money to a first round KO! Babalu used to do some Muay Tai (I heard) and that is why he has confidence with his hands however everyone knows his repitoir is submissions. I also think he will be a champ Affliction soon, even if they land Tito and some of the other LHWs from the other orgs. At least if he sticks to GNP and Subs!
6/29/08 3:28:53PM
I say don't count out Whitehead. I've been watching this guys fights in the IFL, he's a beast. Its very possible Babalu will get tossed around and out wrestled here for the decision loss. Whitehead trains with Xtreme Couture, and is on a 12 fight win streak vs some real top B and low A fighters. He's not just some bum off the street they're tossing to Babalu for the comeback.

I'd still say smart money is on Babalu, and I'll pick Babalu, but lets not get too over confident here.
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