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7/30/07 12:59:30PM
Say it aint so. Hope he wins at 74.

7/30/07 1:19:51PM
thats good that hes comin in with that attitude. i hope he comes well prepared
7/30/07 1:23:20PM
If he loses I uess he can tell Lucy he's home.
7/30/07 1:31:23PM
I guess if he loses he can always go back to spitting on bouncers haha just kidding. He's going to win. Submission 2nd round.
7/30/07 1:47:03PM
I dont see him losing but I didnt think he would lose his last fight
Go Babalu!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7/30/07 2:03:03PM
people are taking it out of context, he is saying he won't be able to fight for the big leagues anymore and he will have to strat from the bottom. He is not saying he would retire.
7/30/07 2:26:35PM
If Babalu losses this fight I'm done rooting for him.
Ok no I'm not, but Babalu takes this fight no doubt. Sub Round 1 even.
7/30/07 2:46:13PM
Babalu is a great fighter im sure he will come out hungry for victory. I say he wins by submission in 1st or 2nd round.
7/30/07 4:18:40PM
I hope Babalu wins again...but if his fight against Lambert was any indicator he is in for a tough fight.
7/30/07 4:24:14PM
When I see Babalu fighting these days, he looks so poor I cant help but wonder where the Babalu went that lasted to a decision with Fedor, and beat Shogun, the guy in the cage these days isnt the Renato of old, and its a shame, as I never got to see him fight when he was on top of his game. I hope he does win though, he has the tools to be a competitor, he needs to get a win under his belt and start getting back to his old form!
7/30/07 4:53:29PM
I always have thought Babalu was a little overrated....

Yeah he went the distance with Fedor, but that was only Fedor's 7th fight, he wasn't as near as good or as experienced as he is right now....

When he faught Shogun, It was Shoguns 2nd or 3rd match, he was just getting the hang and gaining experience in MMA. He wasn't the dominant monster he is right now....

His only real other quality wins are against Jeremy Horn(but that was probably a Ground struggle), Maurice Smith, and last but not lwast the most overrated UFC fighter of all time Elvis Sinosci!!! Elvis sinosics whole career is based on one lousey victory to Jeremy Horn. Other then that he's lost every single other big fight...

Babalu is a decent fighter but not a good fighter....He will probably win at 74 by 1st or 2nd round Sub but then they'll probably put him in a rematch with Shogun if shogun wants revenge or they'll give him mike bispin and he'll get destroyed.....
7/30/07 5:42:01PM
it sounds like hes got the fire back, and i hope he does. the last 2 fights were not good showings at al, but the guy is a sub machine, and doesnt mind trading, so i love watching him fight. heath is an up and comer, and with this win hed be a bigger part of the LHW picture, but if babalu has his head on straight he should win this fight. id hate to see babalu end up dropping off the face of the earth, IMO he still has some years left in him and could get back to being a top 10 LHW for a good chunk of his years left in the fight game.
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