UFC Baba O'Riley Montage (quality video)

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4/21/10 12:14:21AM
I posted a camcorder copy of this HL a couple of years back, but I've come across a pretty decent copy, so I thought I would share.

If you've never been to a live UFC event before, one of the best parts of attending is that they play this video prior to the show. They periodically update parts of it with newer footage, but they don't ever play it outside of the live venue.

4/21/10 10:10:46AM
badass video
4/21/10 2:07:24PM
This is freakin badass. I can't wait to go to a live event and see this. That'd take me out of my seat and fight my way to be screaming 50 feet away from the octagon. Absolutely insane video. Love that they show something like this!
4/24/10 3:18:09PM
I've never been able to find a good quality video of it. So, thank you for this.
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