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9/12/11 9:35:41PM
About a week after a vicious barrage of leg kicks and body shots from Lopez convinced David Marshall to stay on his stool before the third round of their bout at Tachi Palace Fights 10, the 22-year-old welterweight’s phone buzzed with a message from Wanderlei Silva. The news: the Ultimate Fighting Championship was offering a spot to Lopez at UFC Fight Night 25 in New Orleans. The resounding response: hell, yes.

When the contract to fight “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 13 alum Justin Edwards this Saturday at a show headlined by a Jake Shields-Jake Ellenberger main event became official, it made Lopez the first member of Wanderlei’s fledgling Las Vegas-based team to sign with the sport’s most recognizable promotion. The Brazilian great took to Twitter to spread the word of Lopez’s impending arrival in the UFC, proclaiming the fighter known as “Lil’ Monster” to be “my future champion.”

9/12/11 10:02:50PM
As a huge fan of Wanderlei, I've been following Jorge for quite some time now. Very excited for his debut Saturday.
9/12/11 11:43:26PM
This should be good
9/13/11 2:47:13AM
I've been following him for a while, he's one of the most entertaining fighters I have ever seen. His ground game leaves a lot to be desired, but he's one hell of a striker!
9/13/11 6:52:49AM
vicious kicks
9/18/11 9:02:00PM
That was a tough decision loss but it's all a learning experience for him.
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