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10/31/12 4:26:00PM
Basically went into a supermarket with my hood up and the security guard said can you take your hood off please... Sure?

Did my shopping went to the till, all the staff are in Halloween outfit cause of the day so I accept it
It's late at night so I've brought loads of reduced items, 4 items, reaching £11 of offers

Start unloading, oh so your going as a tramp (hobo) to a party tonight are you?

No. Thinking what the fuck.

She dramatically started apologising as you would in that situation calling someone a tramp (hobo) . As she scans all my reduced items, only when I go to pack my items and see my fingerless gloves do I remember my situation

I had gone to university today as a tramp, jeans with rips and patches, shoes with wholes in, old hoody and fingerless gloves, not shaved in 2 weeks.

Needless to say I apologised like crazy and it was topped off by getting my bag searched by the security guard on the exit
10/31/12 5:06:16PM

Good story, sounds awkard as fuck
10/31/12 5:10:43PM
JJeans: Master of Disguise
10/31/12 5:18:43PM
you better shave tonight...tomorrow is MOVEMBER!!!
10/31/12 5:37:28PM
Gotta love profiling by the security guard. You should go back in there when youre all cleaned up and walk up to him and ask if he wants to search your bag. When he asks why tell him he searched you last time
11/1/12 9:39:48AM
Your too nice jjeans

If someone told me to take my hood off. I would tell them to go Fuck themselves literally