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12/24/07 12:15:46AM
Ray Part 1

This isn't just a movie. You will choose your own fate and every decision has its corresponding number. Add those numbers at the end to see how you fare with the other players. In this mission, some choices will cause you to die and you will be taken back to the choice again, not back to the start. Have fun!

What was your rank ? I got A PRETTY COOL GUY which is the 2nd best rank.
12/24/07 12:56:40AM
The 2nd one is better than the 1st

Ray Part 2
12/24/07 2:24:31AM
Great Game!!!!!
12/24/07 3:58:22AM
my brain hates u guys for posting all these addictive games that keep me from getting good sleep
12/31/07 8:36:41AM
great game
12/31/07 12:18:18PM
i love these two and have played em for years i only wish that they would continue the series its so awesome.
12/31/07 9:10:08PM
hahhaha my rank was "faggot" im assuming thats the worst one
1/3/08 2:51:02PM
Oh boy. Why did I have to see this thread while at work. This game is awesome.

I'm "like mike", and had a helluva time being badass.
1/5/08 6:30:52PM
2nd best rank on both games. 2nd is the first loser imo.
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