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6/25/07 3:06:14PM
6/26/07 1:18:03PM
Thx for the link
6/26/07 1:28:12PM
you know.. sometimes a week will go by and i wont think about how dominate fedor is then someone like you will come around and i remember the dominance again thank you good sir i thank you
6/26/07 1:30:17PM
did you make this, or is it just one you found?

6/26/07 6:51:26PM
i just found it
6/26/07 7:06:56PM
Nice find it was a good video.
6/27/07 6:31:26PM
6/28/07 12:29:40AM
fedor is the greatest and will be forever until he retires, he only has 1 loss in his record and thats a 17 second cut.
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6/28/07 1:26:03AM
I think he will be even better in the UFC if and when he signs, they tend to stop fights quicker then PRIDE did, so when he gets ppl in that siiick GnP he won't be finishing as many by beating them up then submitting them. If theres an mma god Mirko will come back on fire, fedor will sign and there will be a Mirko/Fedor 2 in the octagon! I know everyone wants to see that!
6/28/07 2:41:03AM
awesome highlight...have seen it MANY times before...but it never hurts to watch it again nice find
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