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1/10/09 12:05:41AM
Its probably pretty old, I remember hearing about it ages ago, but I just stumbled across it while doing research for some university work.

Anyways, you have to turn the volume right up, put headphones in, and keep your eyes closed. Dont bother watching without headphones or with your eyes open though, it wont have the same effect. Its pretty cool

1/10/09 12:18:12AM
Yeah, I posted it a while back. I actually still listen to it now and again. I'm like a little kid when it comes to things like this, 3D movies, etc.
1/10/09 12:21:11AM
Oh well, i didnt see it back then. I loved the part at the end, ill not say what happens as to not spoil it for anybody who didnt see the thread first time around, but i litterally had to open my eyes and take the headphones out to check the guy wasnt in the room with me
1/10/09 1:50:36AM
whoa thats pretty wild.. i have two comments though

1. whoever has headphones near their speakers must be an avid master bater
2. anybody who watches that on acid or shrooms will go absolutely bonkers !
1/11/09 12:42:11AM
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