AvBet for UFC 150 ;)

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8/8/12 10:12:05AM
I put the wink face in the title to seduce you in here. Obviously it worked so let's tango !

I couldn't partake in an avbet last event for some strange reason.. I had one set, the fight gets called off, my avbet page claims I have no current avbets so i try to establish a new one & the site tells me I already have a bet set up..? An avbet junkie like myself needs his avbet fix so if you MODs aren't too busy banning KungFuMaster would you look in to this? Thanks

8/8/12 10:48:10AM
Ill take Hamann
8/8/12 11:50:34AM
Was going to say ill take Stone but Rabi beat me to it
8/8/12 12:17:17PM
Anyone else interested? I got Henderson, Cerrone and Lentz.