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5/8/11 6:18:51PM
The Avatar Bet seems to have some issues. Trying to place an avatar bet with jjeans but it keeps showing this message.

"We were unable to send the requested avatar bet; jjeans already has a confirmed avatar bet for the next event."

I just talked to him, and he doesn't currently have an avatar bet. Same issue happened with my last bet against Twenty20Dollars, and he didn't have any set avatar bets either.
5/8/11 8:33:04PM
just do it old school.
5/8/11 8:58:05PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

just do it old school.

5/8/11 9:56:09PM
Yeah got the same message, it worked for like two events ago or something but then couldnt for this last event.

Went old school for this last one though.
5/8/11 11:27:50PM
thanks for the heads up. I will send this to the programmer.
5/9/11 2:08:54AM
No problem. Thanks for replying so quickly.
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