Avatar bet threat for UFC 84

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5/25/08 4:32:49PM
Mine is expiring I think and I want to suffer more apparently. Here are the ones I'm willing to bet on:

Vera over Werdum, Swick over Davis, and Taylor over Liaudin. First come first serve, I prefer the Vera bet but lets go!
5/25/08 4:45:31PM
Im with you on Vera

I have an avatar bet with GSPfan

5/28/08 3:16:08AM
I'll take Davis...

...Lets make it official
5/28/08 3:29:07AM

Posted by F--K_Luck_AuH2O

I'll take Davis...

...Lets make it official

good man
5/28/08 2:13:01PM
Deal Luck, just PM me after the fight if Davis wins. I will do the same for Swick. Pretty much a 50% chance on this one. Good luck.
5/28/08 7:45:02PM
*virtual handshake*
5/29/08 1:18:18PM
Cool deal, the loser should just keep the av until ufc 86 (so exactly one month).
5/29/08 6:31:14PM
unrelated but i'll make one for lesnar vs herring. i choose lesnar.
6/10/08 1:04:29AM
just a reminder that i won this. seems like he disappeared and won't respond to my message . he's logged on a few times since i sent it too. hate resorting to this but a bet is a bet! i lost my last one and took my hit for a month.
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