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1/15/12 9:30:57AM
Maybe it's just me, but it seems that since avatar bet histories and official records have been implemented, more people have been putting their av's up. The threads are fairly popular, and there are often many for each card.

Usually these threads end up in the playground game talk section. This would be the most accurate forum, but I was just thinking it would be better if these threads were somewhere else. Or better yet: if they didn't exist in the forums at all.

Imagine: you click on the avatar bets section, and there are threads specifically for people offering up AV bets. Or you could put out an open AV bet that everyone could see and anyone could accept, if you didn't care who took the bet.

Just a humble suggestion. There have been a lot of great new suggestions lately, and some great, quick updates being made. Thanks alot guys!
1/15/12 12:05:12PM
i like the idea p$
1/15/12 12:07:55PM
I never even thought about that but I love the idea
1/15/12 12:36:17PM
1/15/12 12:36:49PM
Great idea p$. It would also be cool if it showed a list of all the current winners and losers and possibly the avatars that were served up.
1/15/12 1:07:33PM
I would like to be able to choose the length of the bet. Like untill next event, 2 weeks, 1 week.
1/15/12 1:09:05PM
Good idea...wasn't that how all the betting was done when the site first began?
1/15/12 2:00:25PM

Posted by Playground_Samurai

and possibly the avatars that were served up.

i would love a place to save the avs that were given to the losers!
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