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4/21/13 11:30:25AM
I got Leonard "hypno toad" Garcia over Cody "shit just got real" Mckenzie.

Any takers
4/21/13 1:19:04PM
I'll take Michael Bisping if anyone wants Alan Belcher.

4/21/13 11:19:26PM

Posted by Pookie

I got Leonard "hypno toad" Garcia over Cody "shit just got real" Mckenzie.

Any takers

4/22/13 12:42:34AM
After a rough start to his career as a professional avatarist, the former all state mvp & 2 time kickball D-1 elementary all american looks to extend his 4 fight win streak against the always formidable Shane tpain.

Shane, sporting a record of almost 40 fights has been looked at by some as a forever journeyman bouncing back between prelims and side games for over 3 years. Pookie, not one to ever be humble, had a few words to say about his next opponent.

Interviewer: Pookie, after a horrid amatuer record of 1-7, just how have you become so god damn good lately? Some Mmapg vets have claimed you as the best ever, what do you think?

Pookie: Me? The bess? No... i not tha bess... i feel well, very well but i not tha bess.

Interviewer: What about your next opponent, sysnthesizer extraordinaie, Shane Tpain?

Pookie: No... Tpain not the bess. Very good. He picks very well... but he not tha bess... BJ Penn, i think. Hes da bess.

And after that the enigmatic pookie ended the interview and kicked me in the chest, yelling O'Doyle rules as he manhandled security on his way out.

Time will tell as to whether he continues his reign at the top. But one thing is for sure... Leonard Garcia isnt getting caught in a guillotine next saturday.
4/22/13 6:30:25AM
Even if Garcia gets submitted by a guillotine, he'd still win a split decision.
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