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10/19/08 7:10:18AM
i'd like to do a best of(best out of 3) av. bet with someone.

So the person at the end of the night who has won the most fights wins(in case some couldn't figure that out).

The three fights I'm picking are:

Clementi vs Maynard
Koscheck vs Alves
Horwich vs Miller

My pics are Clementi, Koscheck, and Horwich.

So if anyone is picking the other 3 please accept the bet.

If I lose I don't care what kinda avatar you give me, although if you don't like the "gay" themed or "my bitch" avatars please let me know.

props to anyone who accepts, of and the bet will last till UFC 91(so you all can make av bets for lesnar/couture).

By the way, my av bet record is 0-1

10/19/08 8:20:40AM
i'll take maynard. my only rule is no gay avatars.

how long you wanna do it for?

EDIT: oh, i just saw the "till UFC 91" thing. i'll still take it though
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