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4/15/12 11:53:02PM
Hi everyone, I'm Alex. I'm passionate about MMA, have been for years. I'm 26 years old, I used to be involved in traditional karate for 11 years. I no longer train due to back troubles. Currently I am one of the new bloggers over at MMABay.co.uk, I started two to three weeks ago to indulge a dream to write and there is nothing greater than writing about what you love.
4/16/12 9:35:13AM

you joined just in time. 145 is the last event of the season so you can get the hang of the game just before the new season starts!
4/16/12 4:36:15PM
If you plan on being an active participant of the fantasy league(s), I would like you to join my fight camp.

Invitation has been sent.

Hope you join,

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