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3/14/07 3:49:09PM
The UFC possible adding another top notch fighter......Dana is on a mission!
3/14/07 4:08:50PM
yea i read about this yesterday at sherdog.. looks like marcus is supposed to face kawajiri in the first round of the lightweight GP, and then i guess his contract with PRIDE may be up so he may be UFC-bound.. thatd be nice to throw into the mix of UFC lw's..
3/14/07 4:23:00PM
eh i dont really think maximus is all that great
kawajiri will roll through him in the Gp
3/14/07 6:26:35PM
That would be a nice addition...Im not a fan of Dana White but he definitly is tryin to get the best fighters he can...
3/14/07 8:09:25PM
Ishida destroyed him and the UFC got even better wrestlers than him so I don't think Maximus will do as well in the UFC as in Pride. He's still a great fighter and all but I don't think he's champion material.
3/14/07 11:33:26PM
He totaly schooled Takanori Gomi in their first fight.
3/15/07 12:09:26AM
so did diaz but that doesn't mean they're good

<-- gomi nuthugger
3/15/07 4:42:08PM
Maximus isnt champion material IMO, but he will be a great addition to the UFC with gatekeeper status...Kinda like Overeem.
3/16/07 5:31:08PM
id like the UFC to try and stack their 205 division most.
3/17/07 11:20:01PM
he would be a great addition to the UFC
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