When is Aurelio/Guida being added to wager?

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7/10/07 4:57:30AM
I want to know when that fight is being added to the wager list. This is the only fight I feel 100% confident putting money on.
7/10/07 12:46:40PM
i think they are just waiting for more ppl to make picks on it so they can get a better reading on the %. so i would give it a few days if i was them cause they don't have live odds (what i think they should have). who are you ging for i think this could be a good fight and could go both ways aurelio has sick subs and you know if he can't land one of those it's guida's fight. so lets here who you think will win?
7/10/07 1:10:01PM
Yeah they added the wager option like a few hours after I made this topic, so its cool.

I'm going with Guida by unanimous decision. I think Aurelio is overrated and he will be another one of these Pride fighters who they will try to build up but he will get shut down by guys like Guida. His submissions are decent. The only impressive submission he has was against Gomi but it was a technical submission which means Gomi didnt tap. And then Gomi came back and beat him by split decision.

Guida has excellent submissions, alot of heart, he can strike or go to the ground. He's just better all around then Aurelio. So I have Guida by unanimous decision, because I dont think either fighter will be able to stop one another, and I also think Guidas experience in a cage will come into play.
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