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4/26/09 1:37:38AM
Kyle lost a unanimous decision to Frye (30-27)

there were no kicks/knees allowed, as he was considered a down opponent, and also Kyle was not allowed to throw punches because he could not use gloves...

read a play by play and it seemed like Maynard kept pursuing the take down and Frye backed away and landed some jabs throughout the fight...but never really threw with much power.

I give a ton of respect for Kyle to get in there and do that, its almost like going into a bar fight with your hands tied together....but he showed a lot of balls and determinationt o go and do that...regardless of the outcome.

4/26/09 9:36:17AM
5/4/09 3:07:33PM
The opponent showed as much balls as Maynard.

That's gotta be a hostile crowd when no one is rooting for you and you're punching a guy with no limbs.

They even had to have a full security entourage leading to a getaway car in case the fans turned on him on his way out of the cage.

I wouldn't take that fight for a tiny paycheck like he did.
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