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12/4/08 12:37:34PM
I've been an Auburn fan since the late 90s when we lived in Alabama. I have a brother that has graduated from there. I consider myself a lifelong Auburn fan now. But I find it absolutely ridiculous that they would let go one of the best coaches in college football, and one that has done so much for the program.

The above link is an article by Ivan Maisel of ESPN. I couldn't have said it any better myself.

And for you college fans that have coaches on the outs, you now have the possibility of getting a true gem as a head coach. Cherish him, because we didn't.
12/4/08 1:24:20PM
yeah feel the same way man. I live in NY but have been a life long tiger fan due to family in Alabama. Was pissed when I heard that this am... time for a pissing contest with Bama and Sabin... Tommy would have stayed I think if Bama was doing so good IMO.
12/4/08 2:51:23PM
SEC man,AU, UT and UGA were really disappointing for some of us. Ask me, UGA preseason #1, great roster but at the end we were just Puppies instead of Bulldogs. Felt like the New York Yankees for a moment. Damn defensive Coordinator can't adjust his plays, once the other team gains momentum he quits, simply. GA Tech passed the ball 3 times for just one completion, but they ran the pitch option over and over again rushing for 400+ yards and our F_ING defensive coordinator couldn't notice that it was THE SAME PLAY over and over again.AND WE HAVE AN OPEN WEEK PRIOR THE GAME!!! Stafford (QB) with a career high of 5TD and 400+ pass yards, total score of 42 points and we still lose against the nerds, gimme a break. Willie Martinez is the biggest joke UGA have had on defense over the last 15 years, and the main problem is that he's Mark's buddy so he won't be out for next season .

I see the same thing happening this year, the D having a great performance in their Bowl game (like they did vs. Hawaii) then everybody is happy againt with Martinez(DC) he'll be back and then... throw the whole damn season again.
I'm really hoping for the Defense to have a really crappy performance at their bowl game (probably vs. MSU) so the staff can see what we the fans are seeing, the incompetence of Willie Martinez. As an UGA student I want MSU to beat Georgia by a margin of 30+ points so our athletic director put some pressure on the coaching staff.

Note to Mark Richt(yes, he read the Playground forums):
You are a spiritual/religion man and your friendship with Martinez is taking our program to disaster. In the past our offense needed to score just 28 points to win games, this season, based on defensive performance, you were expecting for us to pull an Oklahoma and score 50+. Missing assignments? penalties? injuries? those are excuses for NFL were you're dealing with grown up men and you can point your finger at players who doesn't get the job done. Here in college is just 20-22 years old kids who will play they way you coach them to play. The Lack of blitzing, the crappy tackles and the penalties is pure coaching fault, specially when you have an open week to prepare for your in-state rivals and an awesome roster.

Kiffen is going to UT and he's bringing his dad as the DC, freaking hire John Chavis as your DC, or what the heck bring Tommy Tuberville for that spot. Try to get Van Groder back from the falcons? nah, not so easy.
If you dont want to make changes, hope the AD fire you too and hire Tuberville and Chavis as the new coaches.
12/4/08 3:29:19PM
I was very suprised to hear about this. He is an excellent coach and he won't have any trouble finding work.
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