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12/2/07 1:47:20PM
What's up everyone?

I will be producing and hosting a new internet TV show called "Inside Team Jacksons" very soon and I'll taking questions from people like yourselves on various MMA fourms like this one.

Our first episode will be featuring EliteXC's Joey Villasenor.

If you have any questions for "Smokin' Joe Villasenor" please submit them now on this thread.

I train at Jacksons and I also do much of their video and graphic design. I am proud to say that all the fighters there (GSP, Keith Jardine, Rahsad Evans, Nate Marquardt, Joey Villasenor, David Loiseau, ect....) are all friends of mine and I'm really looking forward to using the best questions from people like you for all the upcoming episodes of "Inside Team Jacksons".

Thanks, ask away....

12/2/07 11:13:58PM
great, thanks
12/3/07 7:30:57AM
Ask Joey if he has any plans on going to the UFC or fighting for the Elite Xc title against Lawler? Please and thank you.
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