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3/21/07 7:57:40PM
The Grande Baja Gorditaz are looking for people who are not in a fight camp but want to be in one. Anyone is welcome to join.
3/22/07 12:51:05PM
help him out
3/22/07 2:33:00PM
Petey... come on, let people try to recruit in their own threads without you trying to steal away new members.
3/22/07 2:55:44PM
are right my bad
3/23/07 2:18:24AM
petey keep doing what you are doing
3/23/07 10:39:16AM

Posted by Cobbs666

petey keep doing what you are doing

cobbs666 your just happy casue it's not sudden impact anymore
3/23/07 2:58:33PM
ya i know
4/8/07 6:59:36PM
still accepting members. we are growing fast. nearing the fifty member mark.

join us for exclusives. our team enjoyed watching pride 34 while people on the board we're still asking for link to the fights. maybe more suprises along the way. pm me if you want to be in a fight camp
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