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9/8/08 5:24:09PM
so i was on youtube looking up stuff about GOW2. i found this awesome video that shows some of the cool stuff and things that the player can do in the new game... including finishing off downed opponents with a little ground n' pound

9/8/08 7:22:42PM
Could never get into Gears. I'm a COD 4 player myself!!
9/8/08 7:31:51PM

Posted by __LAL__

Could never get into Gears. I'm a COD 4 player myself!!

Same mate, what's your Xbox Username?
9/8/08 7:37:07PM
(portableyeti) You play COD m8?
9/8/08 7:41:11PM
LOL quality name.......Yeah I get quite obsessed with it once I get going, I'm (Impulsive 1) on it, I'll add you tomorrow when i get on.......Have you done that prestige mode?
9/8/08 7:46:46PM
Yea prestiged a few times, it takes ages. Call of duty 5 is coming out soon, cant see how than can make it any better!! Might see you online then
9/8/08 7:54:48PM
Speaking of GOW 2...They are the lead sponser of UFC 91, so with all the Randy/Brock hype and advertising Gears sould see a lot of media play in the coming months.
9/8/08 8:42:53PM
cant wait for it to come out and start kickin ass online. Im getting board with COD4
9/8/08 11:16:20PM
GOW is my favorite shooter, really cant wait for the second. I just hope i can play as the pain train online!!!
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