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11/3/07 11:27:39PM
I plan on attending UFC 81. I've heard it's in Las Vegas. Can anyone tell me how decent the viewing is from the upper deck? I plan on spending $100-200 per ticket. Or is it worth spending a bit more to get into the lower deck. Thanks
11/4/07 11:20:24PM
I can't speak about the arena in Vegas, but i WAS at UFC 68 in Columbus. I had the $300 tickets, the one below the upper deck, about 18 rows up. You can see everything pretty well, but personally, I wouldn't wanna be up any farther than that. I will suggest you take a small pair of binoculars just in case. Also, don't be ashamed to look at the big screen from time to time. I found it find to switch back and forth between the screen and the actual fight.

Still tho, you should be able to see everything fine, just not very close up. I think it's worth it to fork up another $100 to get the closer view, but that's just me. Still, the stmosphere is crazy, and easily worth the price of admission alone.
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