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2/24/09 7:17:17PM
I'm almost certainly going to attend Strikeforces May show in Seattle/Tacoma but I'm uncertain who will be on the card. I've heard Phil Baroni is the only confirmed participant and I will probably attend purely to let him know my opinion of him, (which I will keep to myself here to avoid the dreaded Fighter Bashing). However, does anybody know who else is rumored for this card? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Robbie Lawler appearance but does anybody have any real information?
2/24/09 7:31:41PM
Yes I am a firm beliver in attending any MMA evet that is run by promoters who have mma in there heart! Strikeforce is just that. Its like the punk rock kids that scream support your local punk rock scene ssupport your local MMA scean. I guess strikeforce isn't local but you get the point!
2/24/09 7:31:56PM
As of right now that's it for rumors. That only got out because Phil was talking over at the UG. Don't be too hard on Phil. He's good at selling fights, and people misconstrue that as him being a jerk, but everyone I've talked to tha has ever met him has said that he's a super-nice guy and very approachable.

I've heard a lot of speculation that Lawler will headline the next event--but nothing solid. Perhaps they're hoping they can pin Cung Le for the event--but as I said purely speculation at this point.
2/24/09 7:32:01PM
Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Renato Sobral is expected to be on the card, as is rising LHW Rafael Cavalcante (Feijao). And there's an outside chance you might get to see that Carano girl, she alone is more than reason to go.
2/24/09 8:53:07PM
Get to that show. Strikeforce has been doing good things.
2/24/09 9:05:10PM
If you have to ask, then yes you should go. Any mma event is a good time, even if it's a small local where you don't know anyone, and Strikeforce is putting on good cards.
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