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POLL: Should Fedor "bring a slingshot, taser... or a gun" "and pray?"
Yes 12% (3)
No 69% (18)
Pereria and Munn though dumb to MMA are awesome. 19% (5)
12/17/07 7:13:57PM
I found this hilarious.. I'm an avid watcher of Attack of the Show, and they have a feature on the show called, "Around the Net" were they show Viral Videos. Well on today's Around the Net, they showed Hong Man Choi fighting a black guy, who was an obvious smaller opponent. The video was titled "Another David vs Goliath", and it showed Hong Man Choi basically just bash this guys head in with his big fists. The funny part didn't come til after the video when host Kevin Pereria started commenting that it was cheating, because of Choi's big head. He then made references to "NBA Jam's" big head mode. Then Pereria talks about Choi having another "match" on New Years Eve and that they have words of advice for Choi's opponent. Obviously not knowing what she was talking about co-host Olivia Munn says that Choi's opponent needs to and I quote "bring a slingshot, taser... or a gun" to which Pereria added, "and pray."

I just found it to be hilarious that they can feature a video of Choi, and know that he's having a fight on NYE, but they don't know that he's fighting the #1 Heavyweight (not in my mind, but some peoples mind) of the World. If anyone should be bringing weapons to the fight, it should be Choi, to stave off a brutal massacre.

Thoughts on their comments?
12/17/07 7:25:11PM
if fedor loses to Choi, everyones dream matchups go down the $H!++er and i would love to see where he goes on the p4p list and hw top 10.
not gonna happen, but i would LOVE to see it
i mean HELL, if Serra can beat GSP..........
12/17/07 7:33:59PM
Lol.. I should've waited a little bit because they did their segment, "Blog Watch" and they started talking about FiveOuncesOfPain's website, and did a good overall review until they started talking about Ryan Gracie's death, like they knew what was going on.. "You know the whole prestigious Gracie family" It was hilarious.. The funny didn't stop though.. They then showed CageToday's website, and started talking about it will keep track of HDNet fights like "Frank Trigg against Edwin Dewees (except they said it like Dues) and also K-1 fights and fighters like Gina Carano (they said it like Car-ran-o and said ran instead of like ron)." How long ago was Gina a K-1 fighter? I don't know.. Last time I saw her, she was fighting for EliteXC.. Then they started talking about a website (didn't catch the name) that taught how to switch over from Boxing to MMA, techniques, and how to defend yourself against attacks in real life.. lastly they were naming off "attacks" (their words not mine):

Olivia: "the rear... uh.. rear naked choke and armbar"
Kevin: "yeah you know the armbar"
Olivia: "yeah, sure"
12/18/07 4:06:46AM
I saw this too,and its obvious Kevin P. is a Noob to MMA....he's all "I love me some UFC"...Its so obvious he knows nothing about Pride or any other org.....i mean..come on,how can you not know who Fedor is?

ohh..and i was gonna post the news here of something else said on the show,but might as well make a new thread to let more people know

12/18/07 10:10:37AM

Posted by Scott_Revels

Thoughts on their comments?


Seriously, wake me when someone who doesn't follow MMA has anything intelligent to say about it.
12/18/07 5:22:28PM
I choose the third option.

great show.
12/18/07 5:48:29PM
Yeah.. It's a great show.. When they are talking about things nerdy/geeky/technological.. Like games, movies, computers.. that stuff.. When your fan base is mostly people who have never had sex (myself included, sadly), you don't show stuff that has guys who could 1. Kick your ass. 2. Take any girl you had a chance with away from you. 3. Kick your ass while snaking your chance at a girl..
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