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1/27/07 9:12:41AM
Join the Nordic Top Team.
Our camp will consist of scandinavians only and we will look for quality before quantity.
Right now I'm accepting all requests from swedes, norweigans, danes, fins and icelanders but after a certain time I'll remove those with the worst records.

Join NOW!
1/27/07 9:23:24AM
you blondies will be extinct be 2009..
1/28/07 2:22:41PM
I didnt see this right away i´m from iceland and i would have joined you :) but maybe some other time. But probs for getting the scandinavians together :D
3/17/07 4:12:17AM
I'd hate (love) to nitpick but Finland is not part of Scandinavia. The term "Nordic Countries" or "Fenno-Scandia" would have been more accurate.

Scandinavia consists of Iceland, Denmark, Sweden & Norway, as they all have a similar language which is called Skåne. Not saying you people all understand eachother perfectly, but compared to Finnish - you probably get the point.
3/27/07 7:09:50PM
I just registered and would like to join (from norway) ... please send me an invite
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