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11/5/09 2:24:28AM

American Top Team have confirmed that Todd Duffee is no longer part of the squad, having moved to the west coast of the USA several weeks ago. He is now fighting for Xtreme Couture and will be representing them in his future UFC fights, a spokesman for ATT said today.
11/5/09 5:36:24AM
I think it's a good move for him. More guys should cross train and try to get the best of all worlds. It's good to have loyalty to your training partners and all, but at the end of the day it's an individual sport and if you can better yourself by training with several of the best teams in the world it can only be good for you.
11/5/09 8:52:15AM
wow wonder if ATT will hold a GRUDGE
good for duffee though
11/5/09 9:17:45AM
Duffee left because he had to as far as I know. He was going to attend school at UNLV. I don't think ATT is going to hold a grudge or anything
11/5/09 12:03:27PM
I think the move is good for Duffee, but it won't help him if they reschedule his fight with Buentello.
11/5/09 4:15:30PM
I think this is a great move for Duffee. I am looking forward to seeing him back in the Octagon soon.
11/5/09 7:21:30PM
Is this why he is not fighting Buentello? I wonder. Either way its a god move for Duffee. Training with some of the worlds best has its advantages
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