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8/31/08 7:24:12PM
For me this will be my 1st event so I've been looking around for related activities and stuff and just wanted to post some stuff for those people going too.

Weigh-Ins :

Philips Arena on Friday Sept. 5th. Doors open at 3:00pm and fighters hit the scale at 4:00 pm


So far I've only found Chuck's so here it is...

Tickets in advance are $30 and $100 VIP (VIP will put you on the same room as Chuck)

See y'all there, me and my buddies will be at Sec 107 R Q seats 2-3, 9-10, pre-event food and brews at Hooters around 4:30 pm in case you want to join.

Also we're spending the whole Friday in Atlanta before the weigh-ins we have planned to go to the Aquarium and we're looking for other interest places (someplace cool non-turistic, so if anyone knows let me know, Thanks.
8/31/08 10:25:28PM
you will have fun get some pics and autographs
i am going to the ufc in chicago as well as the year end one in vegas that will be my 4th and 5th live events
9/1/08 6:12:17PM
There's going to be a weigh-ins after-party Friday night at 8:30 at Door 44 in Atlanta (8 blocks from Phillips Arena). UFC fighters & other notables will be there. $10 cover.
9/2/08 4:48:42PM
more stuff.....

on Friday, all at Philips Arena:

10am - Harley-Davidson Fan Photo session
1pm - fighter autograph session
4pm - UFC 88 fighter weigh-in
These events are FREE and open to the public.

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