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9/22/08 5:59:42PM
Good post above and in a few other places--he was completely dry and having trouble--it' was not going to be easy to lose any more weight.

I think you guys are also missing what happened with the doctor and NSAC. The doctor reviewed him and basically said "no, he can't cut any more". Then the doctor and NSAC did him a favor and let him weigh in out of turn, saying basically that even though he was through--and on his way to the hospital for intravenous fluids--that he could crawl onto the scale and if he came in at 206 they'd let him fight. Kizer could have said "no" to that request which would have meant Guida would have been on his way to the hospital with no chance to weigh in.

For a guy who was completely dehydrated he looked very soft. It was more than just being out of your natural weight class, he was clearly not in top fighting one to blame but himself.
9/22/08 6:16:45PM

Posted by MattHughesFan

A lot of u guys are saying how easy it would have been to cut one more pound. Do u guys realize almost all fighters cut weight the day of the weigh in and they do this losing Water weight. If it was possible for that one pound to have come off safely it probably would have already come off when he had to weigh in. The reason he couldn't make weight was because he literally couldn't sweat out that last pond, he had already lost as much water weight as he body could handle. that's why u have to come in at a decent weight and be prepared. When i see people saying oh just go in a sauna for another 15 minutes and your good to go i know these people don't realize how dangerous that could have been. He literally had no more water to lose and his entire body could have shut down, I mean do u realize he had to go to the hospital after the weigh in, that's not something to be taken lightly. If u can remember Lutter/Sliva when Lutter couldn't make weight, his exact words were "i couldn't sweat anymore and i couldn't shed the last few pounds." cutting weight is a very dangerous thing to do and can be very harmful for those who can't do it right, the Athletic commission was completely right in not giving Guida the extra hour to lose the pound because he could have been extremely hurt, and probably wouldn't be in any shape to fight anyway.

well as a wrestler i completely understand what you are saying about losing the extra pound. but i was dead serious when i said if he shaved all of his hair off he would have made it. we had a kid on our team do that for counties to make weight, and he did by .1. he was .8 over, and wound up being .1 under after the shave, and this kid was not as hairy as Guida was.
9/22/08 7:16:50PM
He would have been demolished anyways after cutting that much weight in so little time. Did you see him? He was a mess. The AC did him a favor IMO.
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