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10/22/08 1:14:25PM
So, let's say you're at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class, and for whatever reason, decide not to tap out from a choke hold. Just what kind of damage can occur?

Also, what is about a nice shot to the belly – perhaps the dreaded liver shot – that creates such excruciating pain? ( medical columnist and consultant Dr. Johnny Benjamin discusses both topics in his latest edition of "Ask the Doc."

Q. Dear Doc: I've been reading your articles ever since you began posting on, and I really enjoy them. They are all very interesting and answer lots of questions I have been wondering. So, I've been doing a lot of rolling in jiu jitsu lately, and I let somebody put me to sleep while I was in a choke because I didn't want to tap. The question I have for you is really just how bad is it for the human body to let somebody choke you unconscious? (From Will Franzke)

10/22/08 4:32:23PM
This guy's posts are always interesting. I didnt know that about the liver shot. I think one of the announcers, possibly Joe Rogan, once said that the pain was due to the toxins in the liver being released in response to the hit and I just always assumed that was true.
10/22/08 8:17:00PM
I felt like the guy writing the liver question was me. Same exact experiences for myself over the years pretty much.

Liver shots hurt.
10/22/08 9:35:39PM
I never knew Barrack Obama was into mma....
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