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11/15/12 10:26:40AM
Ashamed to admit that when I meet someone and they tell me they are an MMA fighter (or worse, an "ultimate fighter") I usually think worse of them and try to avoid the topic.

Not true if someone says they study BJJ, box, wrestle, etc. where I instantly want to ask questions about where they train, who they've competed against, etc.
11/15/12 5:22:05PM

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I actually agreed with something teh kingsmasha said about a month ago, even propped him for it

We have a WINNER!

At UFC 100 in Vegas I bet a lot of real money on Bisping to beat Dan Henderson.

Me too (just the betting part, not the being in Vegas part).

If they fought again i would pick and bet on Bisping again too......

The sad part is I knew within 30 sec in to the fight I had made a mistake.
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