‘The Artist’ KJ Noons has no qualms painting another masterpiece on Nick Diaz’s face

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6/29/08 5:01:51AM
Elite XC Lightweight Champion KJ Noons was a guest on HDNet’s “Inside MMA” yesterday, adding yet another chapter to the back and forth war of words between himself and his nemesis, Nick Diaz.

By now it’s common knowledge that there is no love lost between these two.

Noons and Diaz originally fought last November for the right to become the first-ever Elite XC lightweight champion. Noons won the match fight after a ringside doctor deemed the cuts around both of Diaz’s eyes were too severe for the fight to go on. Diaz obviously disagreed with the decision and he’s been clamoring for another shot at Noons ever since.

6/29/08 5:43:03AM
if he has no problem with it why isn't it on the next card and why didn't he say that to begin with when nick asked him for one to begin with?
6/29/08 10:25:19AM
KJ is really getting on my nerves. "Everyone talks about his scar damage but he's not a boxer who has been cut a lot." He gets cut every damn fight lol. And please stop saying you made him get plastic surgery. All I hear is, "I heard he got plastic surgery." By who his doctor? His mom? He says all this shit but he won't fight Diaz again.

He says Diaz dosen't deserve a title shot, then who does? His win over Diaz was good, and it was a justified stoppage. The thing is just because he cut him (like everyone does) doesn't mean he is a badass who will win five out of five rounds like he did in that round.

Last time he opened his mouth like this Krazy Horse KO'd him in a huge way. Just shut up, fight him again, and get this thing over with because I am sick of hearing about you.
6/29/08 1:43:17PM
I seriously dont know why KJ is so cocky.....

I would even pick Nick's bro Nate, over Noons. I seriously hope someone shuts his dumbass up. God I hate KJ Noons with a passion.
6/29/08 2:08:17PM
yeah kj is pissing me off with this whole trying to be a badass know, but yet he's ducking diaz and talking all this sh*t. I would love to see krazy horse come and KO kj now.

and it's not like diaz said he couldnt fight when he was cut, he still wanted to keep fighting.
6/29/08 3:05:11PM
anyone else get the feeling he thinks hes better than he is, its like he thinks hes the best in the world and he got knocked out by krazy horse and got heel hooked by buddy clinton in 25 seconds

by the way nick will sub him in the rematch
6/30/08 8:46:41AM
Anyone know what KJ stands for? Kneel Job Noons?
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