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6/7/07 4:40:18AM
I havent seen too much talk about his. last i headr it i going to be on ppv. they got some sweet match ups monson vs rizzo, ricco vs pe de pono, horn vs santiago and ron waterman. for a start up mma org they got some great matches on the card. thank god they got mezger as matchmaker he knows what hes doin obviously.
6/7/07 1:01:26PM
Is ricco really fighting piece of bread???
6/7/07 1:02:54PM
and is Horn really coming back?

If all true then yes that is a really good card for a start up org, they need to get a tv deal with fights like that, wish some of the old shool HW's liek rizzo and ricco would get back on top and come back to the ufc
6/7/07 5:12:06PM
Great card for just their third show. I'm pretty excited for this card.
6/7/07 7:24:45PM
yeah guy mezger has his show on the right road each one keeps getting better and better
6/11/07 9:47:43AM
Its good to hear Mezger is busy still working in mma, i didnt know how he was or what he was doing, this will be a kickass event, shame the production values are meant to be a bit poor
6/12/07 2:58:51AM

Art of War 3: Team USA vs. Team Brazil looks to be great show with an awesome fight card. Its September 1 in Dallas at the American Airlines Center and will be even better than Art of War 2 in Austin. Looking forward to it
6/12/07 11:47:37PM
Considering this is a samll org, its a very well put together card good job by Mezger, Main event is interesting but Monson sould take it easily.
6/13/07 2:56:04AM
Ricco vs Pe De Pono is going to be an awesome fight....damn I'm excited for Ricco's comeback..hopefully he is in shape though.
6/14/07 4:23:26PM
The Official date of AOW is September 1st Live at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. This will also be live on PPV. TEAM USA vs TEAM BRAZIL
6/16/07 8:12:01PM
Wow, solid card and I've heard nothing but good things about this new organization. Keep up the great work!
6/26/07 3:09:05PM
Here is an updated fight card for art of war 3 Team USA and team Brazil

Jeff "The Snowman" Monson vs Pedro "The Rock" Rizzo

Jeremy "Gumby" Horn vs Jorge Santiago

Jake Shields vs Carlo Prater

Ron "The H20 Man" Waterman vs Mario "Big Hurt" Rinaldi

Alex "El Toro" Andrade vs Fabiano "Cap" Capoani

Hector Munoz vs Christiano "Mr. Hey" Marcello

James Damien Stelly vs Luis "Banha" Arthur Cane

Lana "Lethal Force" Stefanac vs Franita Gathings

Anthony Njokuani vs Keyon Mike Jackson

Jason Maxwell vs Thomas Schulte
6/26/07 7:32:28PM
Can't wait to go see AOW 3 live. Missed out on AOW 1 in DFW. Will not let this pass me by.
8/5/07 5:34:15PM
Art of War 3 in Dallas is in less than a month. The Main Event should be really something to watch. Even though Rizzo is the favorite I think Monson has a good shot with all the past fighting he’s been doing on other fight cards, though that also could mean he’s coming in tired. We’ll have to see. My money is still on Rizzo and Team Brazil for that matter.

I've been hearing Kendra is gonna be there. Is this REALLY true? I hope I can get a reserve seat next to her as long as I don't hear that laugh, but my god she is fine. Plus the event is gonna be Pay-Per-View and Tony Romo is going to be there.
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