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6/2/08 6:37:27PM
so, i recently bought this video game and i have to say that it is probably one of my favorite games of all time. however, it seems to be a hate it or love it type of game. just wondering what you all think
6/2/08 7:44:09PM
Decent game IMO, i didn't care for the tutorial that assumes we all have down syndrome, lot of good and fun things in the game but nothing that makes it stand out among other FPS's... that and the aim system was a bit iffy.

All in all i'd say its a 6.5-7.0 out of 10 in my opinion. Fun game worth a look if anyone hasn't tried it though, especially if you have a friend as the AI partner has the IQ of pond scum lol
6/2/08 8:21:47PM
yeah, the AI for your partner in the game does kinda suck
6/2/08 8:39:02PM
Aside from the stupid computer, and the highy unoriginality(most of the stuff is JUST LIKE Gears of War), its a good game. Its fun to run around with a friend and just mow down terrorists with absurd weapons. Golden miniguns, grenade launchers, .50 cal snipers, heat seeking missile launchers... Its fun. I sort of regret buying it, it feels more like a rent, beat, get the gamerscore and return.
6/3/08 12:33:45PM
Two player coop is where its at in this one. getting all the cool weapons and pimpin them out was pretty awesome and the aggro is a cool feature.
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