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12/11/08 6:57:09AM
12/11/08 7:34:16AM
Even I have to say this isn't interesting.
12/11/08 7:06:53PM
What an unfortunate typo... Is that like putting Fedor out to stud?
12/11/08 10:27:00PM
I am so psyched for this fight I. I seriously hope it is a good competitive fight and goes at least a couple rounds. I dont think I've every actually seen a guy sit down and take notes like that for a fight. I hope he studies well and brings the fight to Fedor.
12/14/08 8:53:52PM
im pumped for this fight over any up coming ufc fight
1/2/09 1:57:09PM
That vid is so serious, its like begging for comedy. just read the comments. lol
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