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7/19/08 9:00:07AM
Arlovski explained during a recent Affliction conference call with media that following a brief period where he was unable to negotiate with other promotions, it was ultimately Affliction that won his services inside the ring.

“First of all I had 60 days basically for negotiations with the UFC,” he said about his contract negotiations. “After that time my management talked with Affliction and we got a deal.”

Now Arlvoski can just get back to the business of fighting and next up on the agenda is a battle with former IFL top dog Ben Rothwell. To get ready for Rothwell, Arlovski trained with regular coach Mike Garcia, but he also enlisted the help of famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach.

Roach worked with Arlovski for about three weeks leading up to the fight with Rothwell and his new boxing coach will also accompany him to the ring and work his corner for the upcoming fight.

“I was very happy Freddie (Roach) let me train with him because I know it’s a big line to work with Freddie Roach, and when my friends told me he had time to train with (me) I said I’m in,” Arlovski commented. “Anytime, he would let me come to his gym, I’m in.”

7/19/08 12:50:23PM
I really hope Arlovski destroys Rothwell
7/19/08 3:13:42PM

Posted by Porch28

I really hope Arlovski destroys Rothwell

he will
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