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4/6/07 7:44:59AM

Posted by AchillesHeel

I didn't see the 3rd match with Sylvia, and everything I've read about it says I didn't miss anything. I thought he looked good against Cruz, even though that fight was a gift, and I'm looking forward to seeing him against Werdum.

I was actually a little surprised by the matchup with Werdum. I figured the UFC would want to build him up for another title shot, particularly with Cro Cop making a bee-line for the belt.

Dana White has said that the winner of Cro Cop-Gonzaga will get a title shot, which means AA and Werdum will probably have another fight before getting a title shot. Simply put, AA-Werdum is not a "#1 Contender" fight. Putting two top heavyweights in against each other at this stage is pretty ballsy.

It is very possible that Werdum could take this fight, its a very brave match up from dana. AA is solid and has every bit of potential in winning this fight but Werdum is no stepping stone, this guy went 20mins with Noguiera, And beat alekzander emilianenko last year. Being mirko's jj trainer he also has sparring lessons with mirko. 50/50. Im putting no bets on this one.
4/6/07 10:42:19AM

Posted by jaba

Posted by mkiv9secsupra

Posted by jaba

Totally agree, noticed how everyone hates tim sylvia, notice also how he is an ugly ass bastard. Tim actually has some damn entertaining fights and beatn some top competition, Arlovski biggest claim to fame is one win too tow loses againgst Tim sylvia yet everyone still loves him. I do hate tim sylvia though, saw him on blind date and lost all respect.

huh.....No one likes sylvia and no one thinks his fights are entertaining... Sylvia vs arlovski 3 was crap... arlovski was too hungry for the kill... he hasnt matured into a great MMA practicioner yet...he will soon.

watch sylvia vs. cabbge or rodriguez and tell me those werent entertaining ....... douche.

nope...they were not entertaing...watching a guy with monster reach advantage and no other strong skills is boring. all the fight was: jab jab jab jab jab knee.......jab jab jab jab one two combo jab knee.....jab jab jab jab knee... jab jab jab jab jab...knee....jab jab jab.....tell me that is entertaing?! its no wonder couture beat him so freakin can tell what hes gonna do in the fight six weeks before the fight even happens
4/7/07 1:25:12AM
I myself think that Arlovski could be a more talented heavyweight than Courture. He's more well rounded and quick for a person at 240 lbs. His win against Marcio Cruse in UFC 66 was so wicked, when the refferee started the two fighters up again Arlovsku rocked him with a big right hand. All in all, Andrei Arlovski would give Cro Cop a run for his money in my opinion.
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