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6/20/12 1:53:32PM
Hey guys

Sorry I haven't been posting or around the forums much and I apologise for messing people around on sidegames, so I think I have some explaining to do...

Well last week my girlfriend wasn't home from uni (I was cause my uni is shitter) and I had been home for 2/3 weeks or so and as a result I was round the house a lot more, so last week my parents and I had a massive argument about working over the summer as over those 2/3 weeks I had done about 2 shifts a week as well as training.

Basically the argument lead to them saying they wanted me to get a full time job, so I called up work and they practically gave me a full time job great, that took care of that problem, my issue then was work is quite far away and my shifts are either 6-2 or 2-9...

My GF lives about 5 minutes away from where I work and my parents moved at christmas so now it's a long journey. So I stay with her, so now I'm working, when I'm with her I'm normally busy as she's not a huge fan of sitting at home doing nothing, and when I'm at home my parents want to spend time with me.

All in all I've had next to no time at all to sit down on the PG to which I am sorry

You've all had really awesome prozac avs
Sorry prophecy that I missed your bday I hope it was a good one
And sorry everyone really for different reasons.

Hope everything's okay with you. Managed to pick up allergic rhinitis hence why I have got some free time to write this message and lie in bed on my laptop!
6/20/12 2:05:45PM
No need to apologize. Real life gets in the way sometimes.
6/20/12 2:07:39PM
It's chill dude, we all take a leave of absence from time to time! Glad you're doing well though.
6/20/12 2:24:53PM
I don't want to hear excuses, Jjeans. You better man up and put up some posts dammit!

6/20/12 2:25:39PM
Thanks guys yeah minus the allergic rhinitis I'm all good!
6/20/12 4:32:36PM
No worries Jay
6/20/12 4:46:15PM
Your cool Jay, no worries....hope your feeling better
6/20/12 7:20:32PM
i wanna hear drunk Jay apologize
6/20/12 8:51:46PM

No worries
6/20/12 9:48:34PM

Posted by Bubbles

i wanna hear drunk Jay apologize

I thought it was for a second when I read the spelling of the thread title
6/20/12 10:47:01PM

Posted by kopower

Posted by Bubbles

i wanna hear drunk Jay apologize

I thought it was for a second when I read the spelling of the thread title

6/21/12 8:17:59AM
I still don't understand the whole apology. But I am half asleep right now.
6/21/12 12:02:31PM
Feel better soon! You're my boy Blue!
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