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5/5/08 3:14:11PM
Shinya Aoki, who earned his spot in the second round of the DREAM Lightweight Grand Prix with a recent victory over Gesias “J.Z.” Calvancante, will be allowed to continue on in the tournament despite recent injuries. His bout with Katsuhiko Nagata will, however, be moved from its planned date of May 11 on the DREAM.3 fight card, to the DREAM.4 event on June 15. The promotion announced the move at a press conference on Monday.

According to his doctor, Aoki suffered a cervical injury in his March 15 bout with Calvancante, which impaired the feeling in his right arm. He also severely bruised a rib on April 29 in his second bout with the Brazilian. As such, he will not be allowed to fight on May 11.

This is great news...FEAR THE STRETCHY PANTS...WAR AOKI!!!
5/5/08 3:35:38PM
WAR AOKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5/5/08 4:25:18PM
WAR CONTROVERSY!!! *waits for groans* DREAM just apparently has to distance itself from Aoki and JZ to get rid of all this controversy. Not the fighters' fault and it's usually been beyond their control, but this can't do anything to help.
5/5/08 4:26:40PM

happy news deserve banana

5/5/08 4:59:01PM
I just hope he's really healthy enuf. Glad to hear it if he is.
5/5/08 6:04:03PM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

This is great news...FEAR THE STRETCHY PANTS...WAR AOKI!!!

for real...u gptta love this as a fan
5/5/08 6:05:06PM
great to see Aoki will still be fighting in the tournament... his guard-work against Calvancante was phenomenal. I was impressed.
5/5/08 6:20:15PM
He needed to stay in the tourny. I just hope he is healthy and comes in ready to go.
5/5/08 11:25:41PM
dream 4 is looking pretty amazing
5/6/08 1:36:29AM
you gotta love this guy, with his stetchy colorfull tights, and he is like a snake with limbs. and hes only 24 just imagine what he will be like at 30.
5/6/08 4:50:44AM
Good good news, hopefully he can pull off another slick gogoplata with his magical rainbow tights.
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