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POLL: Who takes it?
JZ by ko/tko 63% (19)
JZ by sub 0% (0)
JZ by decision 17% (5)
Aoki by ko/tko 0% (0)
Aoki by sub 13% (4)
Aoki by decision 7% (2)
2/17/08 3:59:06PM
Whose gonna win at Dream and how?

I say JZ by decision.
2/17/08 4:03:04PM
i think gz, but aoki is a master at submissions. Terrible match-up stylistically for Aoki, thats why i think GZ takes it. Both are great fighters though. If UFC signed either fighter they would dominate all(with the exception of bj penn)
2/17/08 5:40:12PM
im jacked to see this. this will be one of the best 155 fights this year. besides Penn vs Sherk. but i like "JZ" to win.
2/17/08 6:12:41PM
Amazing fights will be taking place at this event. This is going to be a great one to watch.
2/17/08 7:23:12PM
aoki will catch him in a sub from the bottom, will be a great fight though.
2/17/08 8:11:51PM

Posted by Franklinfan47

Whose gonna win at Dream and how?

I say JZ by decision.

JZ will win the standup and GNP from the top to a decision win.
2/17/08 8:18:13PM
Sick fight this will be. I just think JZ will wear him down early with GNP and on the feet where IMO he's better.Plus ATT has some great BJJ practicioners so JZ will be ready for the subs. So JZ will watch out for the subs and wear him down.

I got money on a late fight stoppage for JZ.
2/18/08 7:01:21PM
Aoki due to his wierd postions by Sub. w/ his yellow pants lol
2/18/08 7:13:00PM
JZ, ref stoppage in the third, after he's worn him down. Aoki is great at submissions though, so JZ need to be careful which I'm sure he will. They both would be great additions to the already deep LW division.
2/19/08 1:41:43AM
Aoki by flying inverted triangle choke rnd 2
2/19/08 1:48:25AM
my JJ heart says to go with aoki...but my brain says the logical choice is JZ.

i have to go with JZ by KO, although i will be rooting for aoki the entire time
2/19/08 12:46:40PM
like both guys a lot but i think JZ overwhelms him
2/21/08 10:45:18PM
This has to be a top 5 LW for me prob top 3. I will have to go with JZ 3rd stoppage.
2/22/08 11:21:20AM
as much as i like shinya and want to pick him, i dont think he has much of a chance against JZ. JZ is the best LW most people have never heard of and hes easily top 3 in the world and is riding a very successful streak right now. JZ ko/tko early to middle of the fight.
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