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3/21/09 6:41:40PM
Anybody heard anything about this? I heard a rumor that one of the nog brothers had a mortor cycle accident and was going to loose a foot, but word is now it was apparantly silva?

I figured id put this in the locker room since it migh be b.s like the Kane vs Timmy thing doing the rounds at the moment.
3/21/09 7:00:27PM
its news to me. Hope its not true.
3/21/09 7:10:28PM
If it were legit, we'd have all heard about it already and it would be on the TATAME front page. It's not.
Seriously perople, where are you all hearing these bs rumors?
3/21/09 7:21:57PM

Posted by DCRage

Seriously perople, where are you all hearing these bs rumors?

Straight from Cole Escovedo.
3/21/09 7:23:41PM
There was a thread about this over on Sherdog, just saw the thread while looking at the news on the mainpage. Didn't bother to check it out, just assumed it was Sherdog forum nonsense.
3/21/09 9:41:06PM
foot loose
3/25/09 2:42:51PM
"Big Foot" ...

might want to change that now.
3/27/09 9:38:14PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

foot loose

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