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9/11/09 4:07:45PM
9/11/09 4:25:49PM
wow good fight and good matchmaking, too close to call for me
9/11/09 4:28:03PM
beat me to posting it, great matchup, huge fight in terms of the title picture IMO.
9/11/09 4:29:31PM
Really good matchup. Not sure who I'll pick, probably Cane.
9/11/09 4:30:29PM

Posted by higdon10

Really good matchup. Not sure who I'll pick, probably Cane.

not a fun debut for Nog, I will pick Cane
9/11/09 4:39:17PM
Great fight. Im interested to see if Lil Nog tries to take it to the ground and if so we will finally see how Cane's BJJ is.
9/11/09 4:48:31PM
man joe silva has been on his game lately, another great matchup between a solid veteran who is a top 10 staple and an up and coming fighter looking for a signature win. I'll take nogueira but cane is tough as nails and will give him a fight.
9/11/09 5:05:01PM
Do you think this will be main event or do you think UFC 105 will also get Hendo v Nate the great.

Im going to this event and I have to say I am really excited. IMo this will be an awsome card.
9/11/09 5:08:37PM
im thinking hendo and nate wont be on the card now, but im hoping im wrong. until we hear more about hendos contract situation i wont hold my breath though.
9/11/09 5:09:46PM
I hate to see either guy lose here, but whoever I go with it will prolly be by UD.
9/11/09 5:15:02PM
Damn. Great fight, but as a HUGE Cane fan....I hope they aren't throwing in too deep yet.

I am confident in him though, just a decent step up in competition.

I will take Cane by TKO rnd 3
9/11/09 5:42:47PM
This is a pretty big fight for the 205 division. Don't know who I'll take yet, but this certainly strengthens the 105 card!!
9/11/09 5:48:09PM
Ugh... pick percentages just went down on the playground. This is a tough fight to call and I'm sure more than a fair share of people will get it wrong. Great fight. (Now everyone pray for no injuries!!!!!)
9/11/09 6:37:15PM
winner of this fight should get the next shot
9/11/09 6:46:04PM
i think prozacnation1978 has called this fight since Lil nog came to the UFC
9/11/09 7:15:30PM
Pretty easy fight for Luis IMO. Nog dont have the power or the wrestling to put Luis in danger.
9/11/09 7:19:14PM
This is a tough fight to call......there are alot of tough fights on this card.....
9/11/09 7:19:44PM
i had either cane or thiago silva
ufc needs to promote both guys now with rampage evans pushed back, griffin coming off a loss machida needs to fight or shogun needs to next year they need a contender and i will say this if lil nog wins, he won't fight machida, sucks for us fans but if shogun wins you will see a lil nog vs shogun match now if cane wins either way i believe he will get fast track to title shot
only other thing i could come up with is franklin beats belfort and tuf 11 coaches would be franklin and machida
9/11/09 7:35:52PM
Cane all day I say.....Banha's a bad ass. So is this the main event for 105? Yikes, good it's free....
9/11/09 7:53:57PM
Theyll probly keep Hendo-Nate on the card too. Nogueira-Cane isnt main event material. Almost though. If theyre both on 105, this card just went from shiit to really good
9/11/09 7:59:27PM
Cant wait to see this fight! Bahna is becoming one of my favortie fighters to watch. Lil Nog has a big fight in his Debut. Should be a barnburner. Cane via TKO 3rd.
9/11/09 7:59:51PM
A very close, and interesting match up, it think it may be the hardest pick I've had to choose in quite some time, I know I may regret this later, but Luiz Cane by TKO round 3.
9/11/09 9:47:54PM
This is an easy fight for banha. His standup will be too much to handle. Not to mention lil nog will get hit hard by first time ufc jitters. Although I do feel the cage will work in nogs favor, but that's just 1 factor and it won't win him the fight
9/11/09 9:51:33PM
sherdog is reporting that this fight is at 106 not 105 now so maybe hendo and nate will happen here.
9/11/09 9:58:33PM
Im surprised the ufc choose this to be the main event. It should be a great fight but not what people were expecting since the cards around it are so stacked. This will be a great fight but i got cane by decision.
9/11/09 11:17:43PM
I have to give Cane the edge due to his wrestling and stand up ability. But I must say great match up.
9/11/09 11:45:06PM
It's now at 106.

9/12/09 1:17:37AM
i heard 106 as well looks like hendo vs marquadt for main event but they could have easily kept both fights on the card, i don't know why
9/12/09 4:14:30AM
Im a bit dissapointed they have moved that fight. im gonna go to UFC 105 and it seems this card has been promoted on rumours. Firstly we had Sanchez v Penn, then we were told Lil Nog will make his debut at UFC 105, then the name a world class opponent and move the fight. Now we have to wait and see if we get Hendo v Nate. I love the UFC/MMA and dont actually mind who is on the card and will go any way, but I wish they hadnt created all these rumours though. bit of a let down.
9/12/09 5:33:07AM
UK fans need to start boycotting UFC events until Dana & Co take us seriously.

This is the worst card in recent memory imo and tickets are on sale when there isn't even a main event!
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