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1/7/09 5:16:05PM
Hi I am new here I quit sherdog I had been there for three years.
This place is awesome. I want to start with showing you my Nogueira Mag cover collection. I collected them over the years. This is a Nogueira support thread. I hope he will be fighting at UFC 99 against Randy Couture.
How I know? Randy is fluent in German and UFC 99 is scheduled to be held in Germany.
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1/7/09 5:56:17PM
Welcome to the site man. Nogueira is a favorite of many of the playground members including myself. Really nice collection you have going on there.
1/7/09 6:06:24PM
that's awesome. nogueira is and always will be a legend.
1/8/09 11:14:09PM

Posted by F-Man

that's awesome. nogueira is and always will be a legend.

I can only say that I agrre with you
1/8/09 11:15:29PM
Truly a living legend
1/9/09 4:25:05PM
You know I wonder if he will be put into the UFC hall of fame. This guy really showed us mma fans what having heart means.
1/9/09 4:40:07PM
If the decision were made today, I would say yes despite the loss to Mir. He's done fine in the Octagon and you can't overlook his great work on TUF.
1/9/09 5:18:09PM
really id say no he hasnt done enough in the octogon to be a ufc hall o fame member but in an overall mma hall hes a first ballot inductee
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