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11/8/07 12:33:32AM
According to the Canvas Chronical, Tim Sylvia will fight Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for the heavyweight title at UFC 81 (The Super Bowl Card). They claim that rumors that have been swirling for weeks regarding this match up have been confirmed.
The the bout is likely to happen according to sources, It may not be for the heavyweight title. It looks as though the UFC is holding out some hope that Randy Couture could change his mind and return as the UFC heavyweight champion, though that appears to be a long shot.

11/8/07 10:13:35AM
Looks like that card is shaping up to showcase the HW division. I like how the UFC sort of showcases a division on each card. The upcoming UFC 78 doesn't really showcase one, but there are 3 LW fights. UFC 77 was MW's, 76 was LHW's, and the LW's have been showcased in the past few UFN's.
11/8/07 10:16:47AM
That fight doesnt seem to make much sense. I guess they are doing it to establish a clear #1 contender in hopes that they can get Randy's situation straightened out and let him fight the winner.

Whatever the deal, it should be a good match.... if it happens.
11/8/07 12:21:25PM
As much as i dont like Tim Sylvia as a fighter, i think he'd actually do well here. He's got one hell of a take down defense since he's so tall. Big Nog could have his hands full with the World CHampion Jab-aholic.

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