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7/7/07 9:53:32AM
Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira has some of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and submission skills in mixed martial arts.

He can stand and bang with the best of them and possesses one of the best chins in the sport.

7/7/07 2:12:17PM
7/8/07 1:46:38PM
He should have lost.

He's lucky A) the texan is a dumbass b) the ref, who typically stops fights alot faster then that, let him take more shots then ive ever seen from a KO standing.

Like most of the pride camp, they seem to be getting owned or close to it

Hope Fedor is better then Cro Cop or Nog
7/9/07 2:55:43PM
Don't worry, Fedor is better than both and I think he can put on a better show. I don't think I've seen one fight where Fedor HASN'T put on a good show. Win or lose, Fedor's comin' out bangin.'
7/9/07 3:18:45PM
this is really throwing me off, the pride heavyweights are really disapointing me, nog cc, herring, but then there are the light heavies, Jackson, and A.Silva that surprise me at how dominant they are. I hope its just UFC jitters Nog tried to shake off, he seemed a bit more tenetative then usual. He beat herring before, i don't see whats wrong with big nog..

bring me shogun
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