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7/3/07 6:22:11PM
Will Antonio Nogueira do good in his first ufc match
7/3/07 6:26:43PM
ha of course he will. I'm sure he'll have the nerves as Jackson said he had in his first fight in the UFC but i think hell do great. Nog is a beast and hes beaten Herring twice which is no reason to think he'll beat him easy i just think Nog is too explosive on the ground whether herring takes him down or he gets the take down and Nog has a chin of granite. Hes the magician of submission and I'm sure this match will end in either an arm bar or maybe something else to submit him.
7/3/07 7:38:19PM
he hasn't been training as he usually does but he has past experience on how to beat heath.
7/4/07 2:48:07PM
dude call me stupid but this guy will be next ufc champ after he gets through heath im sure he will fight the winner of couture gonzaga
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